McCoy Consumers

Bring innovation and Gadgetry Goodness to improve the quality of Life and enhance Digital Lifestyle experience. 

About Us

McCoy Consumers focuses on distributing and developing Digital lifestyle, Wellness and Educational products within vertical and horizontal markets. By leveraging on McCoy’s unique brand management and marketing capability, we offer excellence in Consumer and Customer Experience.


Mccoy Consumers aims to become a world-class enterprise with an Asian base, constantly providing customers with excellence and long-term value.


Enhance and improve the quality of Life with Digital, Wellness and Educational products and Services.

McCoy Milestone

McCoy Components

McCoy started as a component distributor in 2004, serving the Business to Business Market and in 2008 it has emerged as the top winner and won the Emerging Enterprise award. McCoy Components now is a leading semiconductor distributor specializing in demand creation and servicing the OEMs or EMS companies through our field application engineers, technical sales specialists, technical marketing professionals and account representatives.

McCoy Consumers

McCoy Comsumers emerged in 2009 to serve the Business to Consumer Market. Believing in offering the best gadgets, products and services to the consumers, McCoy Consumers distributes renown brands such as Gear4, iRiver, Urbanears, Coloud, iLuv, iTwin etc into channels such as supermarkets, hypermarket, retails stores, I.T chain stores and Apple stores.


There was a rising demand of health card and wellness products in the year 2009, McCoy Consumers ventured into the wellness industry and created Biounme. Biounme is a holistic care program which integrates products and services to help guide their consumers on the path to achieve wellness and optimal well-being. Biounme also works with Biocera which is founded by scientist Dr Jeon. Biocera is a world leading environmentalist venture which specializes in Bioceramic technology.

McCoy Bespoke

McCoy Bespoke emerged in 2010, a business unit which tackles different designs aspects in product, graphic, packaging, displays, web and events. With a team of professional desingers equipped with experience, knowledge, tools and passion, McCoy Bespoke is a growing corporation, striving to provide only the best services and achieving recoginition in both domestic and foreign territory.

Shortly after the start of 2010, lifestyle brand Gavio was created.Gavio prides itself in producing an extensive range of high quality consumer goods from earphones, headphones, speakers , innovative cases and protectors for phones and tablets. Gavio take originality and innovation in design and performance as the priority when producing premium lifestyle products for the masses.

Gavio produces two product lines:

Gavio Prive’ brings luxury at an affordable price. “Each product carefully takes the form of never before seen creations which sets it apart. Elegance is the key when distinguishing our products in Gavio Prive’. We ensure the best build quality and performance to exceed expectations.”

Gavio Dyna-G brings street culture to its products. “Humanity’s appeal to rebellion to what isn’t norm will never be extinguished. Gavio Dyna-G represents our inner turmoil, something withheld inside, aching to escape and let loose. Whether you’re on either ends of the polarity , Dyna-G has you covered with our wide range of designs and styles.”